No Problem Raceway

Belle rose, louisiana


Please note that the track is “prepped” the same every time we open the main gates.

1. Enrollment for the 2020 points series is done in the timing tower or at tech. All Drivers must have a NHRA competition number or a No Problem Raceway permanent number to earn points.

2. Drivers in all classes are advised to purchase a NHRA competition number and membership. If a driver chooses not to purchase a NHRA number, No Problem Raceway will assign you a permanent number.

3. The points are earned according to the number displayed on the vehicle. Should a driver change vehicles during the season, his or her permanent number must be on the vehicle.

4. All numbers and dial-ins are to be displayed on the driver’s side of the vehicle. If a driver does NOT want Cross Talk on, (when applicable), the driver is to write an "N" after the Dial In.

The numbers have to be legible for the tower crew.

5. Points will be given in all eliminators unless there is a special event. Drivers will be notified if points are not given at a special event.

6. Drivers are NOT allowed to Double Enter in same car.

7. Points will be awarded to the driver and may not be transferred, even if the driver changes eliminator.  Any DISPUTE about point totals for any race must be made PRIOR to the posting of the next race point totals to web site.

8. The 2020 points season begin with the 1st race in 2020.

9. The point’s leader in each eliminator, at the end of the season will be the 2020 Track Champion. Each Track Champion and Jr. Dragster age group winner will each earn a 2021 No Problem Raceway Gold Card. The Gold Card entitles the racer to a free car/driver and 1 crewmember entry to all No Problem Raceway sponsored events. The Gold Car is non-transferable.

10. BOX and NO-BOX Race of Champions, for the E.T. Finals, will be determined by the total season’s points leader in BOX and NO-BOX as of the week before the E-T Finals event. The total season’s points leader of the 13+ age group will determine the Jr. Dragster Race of Champions. In case of a tie, the winner will be determined by the most event wins during the season, followed by the most 2nd Place finishes, followed by most 3rd Place finishes.

2020 Points will be earned as follows in BOX, NO-BOX, STREET and Jr. Dragsters:

10 Points for Completing 2 Time Trials

10 Points for Each Round Win, Rounds 1 through Finals

 If you break after 1st time trial you will not receive any points but get your tech card back to use at another Bracket Race

 If you break before you make any time trials you will receive a refund (Please Notify NPR Staff if you are broken ASAP)

11. You will have 3 MINUTES to start your car in the STAGING LANES if a problem arises.

      You will have 2 MINUTES to start your car at the READY LINE if a problem arises.

      You will have 1 MINUTE to start your car ON TRACK if a problem arises.

1. All eliminators entered will be given a maximum of two (2) time trial sessions or qualifying runs. Late arrivals are only guaranteed one (1) time trial before eliminations begin, if time permits.

2. Time trials will be run by eliminator out of their designated lanes.

3. In time trials and eliminations, cars will be called to their assigned lanes: Street 1&2, No-Box 3&4, and Box to 5&6. In eliminations all cars (winners and buy backs) will be called to their assign lanes. 1st round buy back go directly to round 2 and 2nd round go directly to round 3. Once you have committed to a lane you must stay in that lane. NO LANE SWITCHING! When all the pairs have been run and the remainder of the cars are all in one lane a playing card will be drawn and the higher numbered card stays in that lane and the lower card moves over.

4. In Box, No-Box, and Street classes the potential wait and see bye will be awarded by reaction time from the previous round winners. Before Eliminations start a wait and see bye will be determined by the BEST REACTION TIME from the 2nd Round of Time Trials and will be announced over the PA system when the class is called to the lanes. In each round there after, until the race is laddered, the potential bye will be awarded to the car with the best reaction time of the previous round. (If a Driver who has the Wait and See Bye does not get a bye and has to race, the Wait and See Bye will not carry over into the next round, should the driver Win their race they are eligible for another BYE if they have the best reaction time in future rounds.) The tie breaker, if needed, will be closest to the dial. In each round the potential bye will be announced over the PA when that round is called to the lanes. When the round of 8 or less is reached, the cars will be laddered by Reaction times from the previous round. Cars will be paired best to worst. The Bye will go to the car with the Best Reaction time as long as said car has not received a bye previously. No car will receive more than one bye in eliminations, except in the case of a competition bye.  Once cars are laddered, lane choice will go to the driver with the best non-red reaction time from the previous round, in all other rounds lane choice will be determined by drawing of a playing card. All cars are eligible for the potential bye, unless said car had received it earlier. 

Once all the cars have been pared and a wait-and-see bye has either been declared a bye or pared up with another car, and the wait-and-see bye driver has exited the STAGING LANES, the field is CLOSED.  Any car showing up to the lanes after this point will not be allowed to run as he/she has arrived too late.

5. Courtesy staging is in effect during all points races except for 8-12 Jr. Dragsters. If a car stages before both cars have pre-staged, the car will be backed out of the lights (one time only) and both cars will then re-stage.

6. Each car must take the PRE-STAGE and STAGE beam under FORWARD MOTION.

7. No deep staging is allowed, except for 8-12 Jr. Dragsters.

8. Jr. Dragster crew members will fire the car up AT HEAD OF STAGING and proceed through water box when the two cars ahead of them are staged. A maximum of 2 “push-backs” and 1 engine restart will be allowed prior to staging. Once the dragster has lit the pre-stage bulb, no crew member will be allowed to touch the vehicle, other than to turn on a data switch.

9. A driver may change vehicles before eliminations have begun.

10. No driver may change vehicles once eliminations have begun. However, a driver may enter another car before the second round if he/she purchases an additional entry fee and pays for a first round Buy Back.

11. All dial-ins must be visible after crossing the yellow line in front of the staging lanes and cannot be changed after that. Jr. Dragster drivers may not change their dial-in after the first pair of Jr’s has staged.

12. Reaction times and intermediate times are given as a courtesy to the driver and no races will be re-run over disputed times.

 13. RERUNS will ONLY be given if there is a TIMING SYSTEM MALFUNCTION. A rerun consists of both drivers utilizing the SAME LANE and DIAL IN as the original race. NO EXCEPTIONS.

14. It is the sole responsibility of the driver to check his or her dial-in before staging. Once both cars have pre-staged, it is a race.

15. RAINOUTS:  Rainouts may be rescheduled at the track's discretion.

16. LICENSE RUNS: We have always supported our license applicants by offering drivers unlimited access to the track, and we will continue to do so on every Pro Test and Tune/Test  N Tune/Midnight Madness events. However, on race days, we no longer are able to allow License Runs due to time constraints and maintaining a satisfactory flow during our Points Bracket Racing Series. 


Saturday is our RACE DAY. Should a driver want to run time trials only, will cost $40. Should the driver not wish to participate in the race itself, the driver will be able to run the 2 allotted time trials and may begin to run more time trials after the 3rd round of the races or as time allows between rounds. Please understand that this is a point series race and completing the race is our first priority.  

18.  Cars must have at least one working tail light when the track lights are on.  If the race steward deems a light to not be adequate, the car will not be allowed to run -- NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

19.  If a driver has been awarded a BYE run and is unable to make it to the starting line and cross the beam under his/her own power, then the driver is considered to have NOT advanced to the next round.  If cars on a Ladder only the cars/drivers who have advanced will proceed per the ladder per the ladder seeding.


Entry Fee $100

Buy Backs $50  1st or 2nd Round 

25 Cars                                           50 Cars

$1500 Winner                              $2500 Winner

$300 Runner-Up                          $600 Runner Up

$100 Semi's                                 $250 Semi's

                                                  $100 Quarter's  

75 Cars                                           100 Cars

$4000 Winner                              $5000 Winner

$800 Runner-Up                          $1100 Runner-Up

$400 Semi's                                 $750 Semi's

$100 Quarter's                             $100 Quarter's



Entry Fee $60       

Buy Backs $30  1st or 2nd Round

25 Cars                                          50 Cars

$700 Winner                                $1200 Winner

$200 Runner-Up                          $360 Runner-Up

$50 Semi's                                   $100 Semi's

                                                  $60 Quarter's


75 Cars                                       100 Cars

$2000 Winner                              $2500 Winner

$460 Runner-Up                          $860 Runner-Up

$150 Semi's                                 $200 Semi's

$60 Quarter's                              $60 Quarter's



Entry Fee $40

Buy Backs $20  1st or 2nd Round                            

20 Cars                                       40 Cars

$250 Winner                              $500 Winner

$100 Runner-Up                         $200 Runner-Up

$25 Semi's                                 $50 Semi's



Entry Fee $40 

Buy Backs $20  1st Round Only                     

12 Cars                       

$160 Winner                     

$80 Runner-Up                



 Entry Fee $120                            

16 Cars                   

$1000 Winner                  

$400 Runner-Up                             

$100 Semi's                       


QUICK DRAGSTER   4.99 and quicker                       

QUICK DOOR CARS    5.50 and quicker  


Most of our RV spots, with and without hookups, as well as electrical spots in covered garage area, are leased to our LOYAL RACERS for 2020.  In fairness to these loyal customers, these spots are NON-TRANSFERABLE unless cleared with track management prior to race day.  Any spots which are not currently leased for the year, are available to rent for the race weekend AT THE GATE before entering the property.
Anyone found PARKED in these spots without having paid at the gate, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU HAVE A GENERATOR, will be subject to pay twice the daily rate of the spot.  Failure to pay the increased fee will result in being suspended from the track until the fee is paid.

Any Racer caught without wearing a properly colored arm band and Tech Card, will be asked to leave the property.  Any second violation will result in a permanent suspension from the track.  The same holds true of all Crew and Spectators.

No Problem Raceway Bracket Racing Series Rules for 2020

  (Non Points Races Rules listed after Points Racing Rules below)


The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events.  These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules.  NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND OR REGULATIONS.  They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.

The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his/her opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements.  NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS.  Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials.  Their decision is final.

2020 Entry Fees and Payouts:

Buy Backs will be available after first OR second round for BOX, NO BOX, AND STREET - EXCEPT for Jr. Dragster classes, which will be first round only.   
Crosstalk will be on for the Box Class



ET Break - 8.05 SLOWEST, 1/8 mile


Delay boxes, transbrake, four-wheel line-lock, automated shifters, throttle

controls and starting line and/or “high side” Rev Limiters Permitted.

Any device that relays vehicle performance or on-track location other than

OEM equipment is prohibited.

• .500 Full Tree

• Cross Talk will be used in the BOX class.• Should a participant NOT want to use crosstalk, an N must be placed directly behind the last "dial in" digit on the drivers side window. 


NO ET Break – 1/8 mile

Transbrakes, Automated shifters, Mechanical throttle stops, rev-limiters, line-locks PERMITTED

Slick Tires only (DOT drag radials and DOT slick tires allowed)

Delay boxes, Electronic throttle stops PROHIBITED

Any device that relays vehicle performance or on-track location other than

OEM equipment is PROHIBITED.

.500 Full Tree


ET Break – 10.00 & SLOWER

A car may go as fast as 10.00 seconds, as long as the driver has the required safety equipment!

.500 Full Tree

Slicks prohibited on drive axle.

Headers permitted exhaust must be routed through mufflers.

Drive axle tires MUST have DOT stamp on sidewall.

DOT TIRES: DO NOT drive through water box

Hub caps & trim rings must be removed.

2020 SEASON:

THEIR WILL BE NO DROPPED RACES. The dates are tentatively set and posted on our website calendar.  ALL Races will count towards Championship Points.

TOP 8: 2020

The Top 8 drivers in Box and No-Box earning the most points in the season will receive a free entry into a Special Event to be held toward the end of 2020. Qualified drivers will be paired on a sportsman ladder (1-5, 2-6, 3-7, 4-8). The ladder will be set and if an opponent fails to show, the remaining laddered driver will receive a competition single run.

 2020 Drag Race Rules & Information

This page contains rules and information that should help to explain specific rules of drag racing. As a general rule, NPR follows the NHRA Rulebook, with a very few exceptions. If you have a specific question or comment about the rules, please contact us at (985) 369-3692 (TRACK), Brook Benoit at (985)-859-3004 (BRACKET MANAGER) or his email at 


(effective 1/1/18)

Eliminator Elapsed Times:

BOX NO E.T. - 1/8th mile

NO-BOX NO E.T. - 1/8th mile

Street 10.00 E.T. or slower

Jr. Dragsters

NOVICE CLASS (8 & 9 years old) - 11.90 E.T. or slower

ADVANCED CLASS (10-12 years old) - 8.90 E.T. or slower

MASTERS CLASS (13-18 years old) - 7.90 E.T. or slower

General Rules

1. Alcohol consumption by participating drivers is strictly prohibited.

2. No alcohol is allowed in staging lanes or starting line area.

3. No glass bottles are allowed on track premises.

4. The speed limit in pit area and return road is 10 m.p.h.

5. No skateboards or roller blades are allowed in pit area.

6. 3 or 4 wheelers and bicycles are to be used for race support only and MUST be registered with NPR and have a current NPR Pitt Tag prominently displayed. NO Joy RIDING.

7. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to operate any motorized vehicle.

Violators face expulsion from the event along with their racecar and/or crew

Members and will not receive any refunds of any sort.